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so in iron man 2

a little boy in an iron man helmet tries to shoot one of the rampaging suits with his lil toy flight stabilizers

in spider-man 2

a little boy puts on his spiderman suit and stands up against the rhino

that’s great for all the little boys in the theater, but you know what I want?

i want a little girl to help the heroes

i want a six-year old redhead to kick nat’s gun to her

i want a twelve-year old with braces and a lisp to shake cap back to consciousness

i want a nine-year old latina girl to take clint by the hand and walk him down unfamiliar streets back to the main fight

i want a sixteen-year old black girl to kick an enemy in the back of the knees to save sam wilson

because girls are sitting in that audience too

and they deserve to see that


172v, 173v, 174v, 175v, 176v, 177v, 178v, 179v, 180v, and 181v

Gospels, MS 58, Trinity College Dublin



actual series five plot points:

carson will wax poetic on change. every will talk about change. change is the downton abbey buzzword. downton abbey is sponsored by change. rapid change. slow change. loose change. there’s change all around carson. there’s change in his pockets. carson has been talking about change for idk at least ten years now. why does change keep happening??? will he ever reconcile with it??? things are changing says cora. things are changing says branson. violet crawley is pickpocketing change from everyone’s pockets because she is vehemently against change for the poor. do we ever get to talk about anything else? says mrs hughes. so much change. sybbie doesn’t even look like sybbie anymore. she’s changed completely. it’s too much change. carson is about to keel over. nevermind that despite all this change everyone still looks the exact same. carson’s immortality is the only he has left to cling to. send help. 

Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, and Lily James for Harper’s Bazaar UK August 2014 

Helen McCrory as Medea


A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, Starring Gillian Anderson & Ben Foster to Be Broadcast Live in Cinemas


Elaine Stritch, Tart-Tongued Broadway Actress and Singer, Is Dead at 89 | NYT

Plainspoken, egalitarian, impatient with fools and foolishness, and admittedly fond of cigarettes, alcohol and late nights — she finally gave up smoking and drinking in her 60s — though she took it up again — Ms. Stritch might be the only actor to work as a bartender after starring on Broadway, and she was completely unabashed about her good-time-girl attitude.

“I’m not a bit opposed to your mentioning in this article that Frieda Fun here has had a reputation in the theater, for the past five or six years, for drinking,” she said to a reporter for The New York Times in 1968. “I drink and I love to drink, and it’s part of my life.”